Q:Why choose MB Elite?
A:MB Elite is the closest alternative to a factory Mercedes-Benz dealership in Orange County. We not only have the current Mercedes-Benz My-Conect  Diagnosis System, We also are factory trained with close to 40yrs combined knowledge of Mercedes-Benz Products. 

Q:What is the difference between OE vs. OEM parts?
A:OE parts are what the factory mercedes benz dealership utilizes and OEM is a cheaper alternative parts. OEM parts are ok in some situations but are not what the dealer uses, so when you receive a quote for a repair make sure that you ask what kind of parts they are using, especially when it comes to your brakes.

Q:What makes MBelite different from your local MB dealer and other independent shops?
A:First all techs are salary not commission so there is no pressure to sale unneeded repairs, they DO not make any more money for the work they perform! Second were all factory trained technicians so there is no guessing involved the first diagnosis is the right diagnosis!


Q:Why do my rotors need to be replaced?
A:Rotors are either below minimum or there is a lip on the rotor, which causes excessive noise or squeak and will wear down brake pads at a faster pace.


Q:What is the cost of a “Check Engine” light scan?
A:All of our “CHeck Engine” light scans are FREE!


Q:Do you perform warranty repairs?
A:Yes! We are able to work on all extended  and aftermarket warranty plans!


Q:Did you know about mercedes benz roadside service?
A:All mercedes benz owners new or used, old or new have free roadside service. Free spare tire change,3 free gallons of fuel,and free jump start, Unlimited for the life of the vehicle so feel free to utilize this service and save your AAA member ship points.